The Secretariat of the Consortium
International Consortium,
The Platform of Economic Security
Al. Mireckiego 22 / 25
41-200 Sosnowiec, Poland

Representation of the Consortium
in Poland

Agencja Bezpieczeństwa gospodarczego
(Economic Security Agency)
Rynek 11/11, 42-600 Tarnowskie Góry, Poland

Representation of the Consortium
in Ukraine

KUB Fortum Ltd
ul. Khoryv d.39-41,
04071 Kiev, Ukraine

Representation of the Consortium
in the People's Republic of China

General representative
Mr. She Helong
mob. phone: + 86 151 3059 0502

Representation of the Consortium
in the Germany

Gredka Consulting
Büro für deutsch – polnische Zusammenarbeit
Konrad – Wolf – Straße 104
D-13055 Berlin

The representative of the Consortium
in Lithuania

Fortis Vostok UAB, 10-18 Druskininku g.,
Druskininkai, Litwa
tel. +370 695 15567

The representative of the Consortium in USA
Alan Walsh, Huntington Consultancy
16444 Bolsa Chica Street, #31
Huntington Beach, California 92649

Dryps Consulting Georgia Ltd.
Str. Gamsakhurdia, 51
4400 Poti
Tel: +995 597 923280

Representation of the Consortium
in the Serbia

PRAVAC serbian investigating agency
Radomir  M.  Misaljevic master of law
Vladimir Popovic 38, 190768 Belgrade 27


(in alphabetical order)

dr Irina Chinalieva

Graduate and Doctor of Law Faculty of T. Shevchenko Law University. in Kiev, graduated from Oxford Brooks University. Author of scientific research "rules of civil procedure in the legislation of Kyrgyzstan." long-time worker of the Russian and Cyprus Banks . Currently, the General Director of CorpMasterServices Ltd. (Nicosia, Cyprus).

Vladyslav Vergeles

Lawyer, graduated from the Faculty of Law at the Taras Shevchenko University in Kiev. The multi-annual Military Prosecutor . He has extensive experience in criminal proceedings. Former Deputy Director of the Department of Investigation Security Service of Ukraine. Currently, he keeps the high position of authority in the Security Department, in the "Sberbank", Russia.

Olga Bogdanova

Graduate of the National Institute of Transport Economics in Kiev. He has many year experience in positions of chief accountant. Licensed tax auditor (license number 006787). Currently co-owner and director of the audit firm "Cerberus TAX & AUDIT SERVICE".

dr Oleksandr Skydan

Graduated from the National Technical University of Winnica (B.Sc.) and a PhD in Electro-Optics Division Processing Liverpool John Moores University.
Currently, IT Director of the company's InnoVinn. An expert in the field of computer technology.

prof. dr hab. Jadwiga Stawnicka

Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Education on the Faculty of Philology University of Silesia. Faculty Chair of Russian Business Language in the Institute of East Slavonic Philology at the University of Silesia. President of the Teaching on the Faculty of Philology at the Silesia University. The author of over 130 publications in the field of comparative study of Russo-Polish -German linguistics , translatology, aspectology and crisis communications, including 5 monographs. Member of linguistic societies (Slavic Linguistics Society, Gesellschaft für Sprache & Sprachen). Supervisor of more than 150 masters. Head of Postgraduate Studies of Crisis Negotiation, speciality: Negotiator of Uniformed Services at the Faculty of Philology, Silesian University. Organizer of conference series on communication in crisis . Collaborator and expert of Transdisciplinary Research Center for Security Problems them. prof. K. Bogdanski in Siedlce. Scientific editor of the quarterly Silesian Police. Her scope of interest includes: communication in crisis, public speaking, correct language in social communication, psychology of conflict and negotiation; methodology of scientific research, management, language of negotiation; linguistic communication in the workplace, community policing Chair of scientific committees and member of conferences and seminars on topics of communications in crisis.

dr Dariusz Woźnicki

Independent Expert on economic security,
Lecturer in the field of Security Management. Author of publications on public safety and the management and the humanities.

Opole University - MA in history - 1995
Higher Police School in Szczytno - post-graduate courses, speciality in the fight against economic crime - 1997
University of Silesia - Institute of Sociology - Postgraduate study of knowledge about the region - 1998
Opole University - doctoral dissertation, 2000; earned PhD,

Specialised training:
Criminal Police School in Pila, specialist training for operational work in investigation, 1990;
specialised training in the field of internal control and its procedures,
organized by the American Customs Service -2001, earned special certicate.
specialised training conducted by Scotland Yard in the field of anti-corruption - EU certificate, 2002
Specialist training in the field of combating corruption, organized by Rijksrecherche (Netherlands Secret Police ), - EU certificate 2003
specialist Workshop on Combating crime corruption, organized by the Higher Police School in Szczytno, - 2005;

Professional Experience:
The all of his work period he worked in the criminal department in the field of combating economic crime and corruption,:
1997 - Head of the Section for Economic Crime Combating, Police command in Tarnowskie Góry
2000 - Head of Department for fighting corruption, Police Headquarters in Katowice;
2003 - Director of Criminal Department, Police Headquarters in Warsaw;
2004 - Deputy Director of Central Bureau of Investigation, Police Headquarters in Warsaw, supervising the department fighting organized crime and corruption, international cooperation in this area;

Current activities:
Economic Security Agency in Tarnowskie Góry, - General Director;
business intelligence, countering economic crime and the difficult recovery,
University of Applied Sciences in Ruda Slaska, Faculty of Management, Assistant Professor, Lecturer in the field of specialty items for the management of Economic Security
Secus Asset Management SA in Katowice, Board member,
The operator engaged in brokerage activities, and conducting their own investment fund

Member of the leadership initiative, "Citus, Altius, Fortius", Expert Foundation's "Copernicus", participant of several conferences and the author of publications in this field.

Ewa Dryps

Trainer of cognitive and psychosocial skills. In their work combines professional experience with new forms and methods of work in the field of adult education. Graduate International School of Political Science at the Silesian University. Master degree, majoring in Political Science and Social Studies and the Faculty of Psychology at Warsaw University. Postgraduate Studies: Cognitive Skills Trainer.

dr Leopold Kruszka

Academic teacher of the Jarosław Dąbrowski Military University of Technology, building expert, civil engineering court expert, technical protection expert of buildings on impact loads. He has professional experience on fields of economic security of building contractors and investors including areas of hostilities and other threats.

Tadeusz Ryszard Budzik

- The Chief Inspector of Police, in reserve
- The former Chief Police Commander

He graduated from the Higher School of Pedagogy in Czestochowa, obtaining master's degree in special education.
He completed postgraduate European studies in issues related to organized crime at the Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Lodz.

Special trainings:

Officer's study at the Higher School of Police Officers,
Executive Training Centre of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Lodz,
and many national and international seminars, including:
combat drugs crime,
DEA Advanced Undercover Seminar,
DEA Basic Drugs Enforcement Seminar,
management services to the combat organized crime,
In 1987 he took service in the Militia - first in the House of Children in Czestochowa, and since 1994 in crimes department.

Important positions held in Police:

Chief of Department for drug crime combating, Provincial Command in Czestochowa,
Deputy Chief of Department of the Central Bureau of Investigation Provincial Command in Czestochowa,
Chief of Management of the Central Bureau of Investigation in Katowice,
Provincial Police Commander in Krakow,
Since March 2007 he took service as Deputy Commander in the Police Headquarters in Warsaw. He was responsible for supervising the criminal department in the field of combat and prevention of economic crime.
13 August 2007 was appointed Chief of Police.
From 16 May 2008 in reserve,
Since January 2009, Senior Lecturer at the Higher Police School in Szczytno, where he lectures on tactics to combat crime, organization and management. Board Member of the Association of Police Generals.

Awards and special powers:

Silver Cross of Merit, by the President of Poland,
Black Eagle Cross Class III, by the President of Estonia,

List of special powers:

1. Safety Certification of ABW (Internal Security Agency) for access to NATO classified information, marked COSMIC TOP SECRET, with clause for the period up to 13.05.2013
2. Safety Certification of ABW for access to EU classified information, marked EU TOP SECRET, with clause for the period up to 13.05.2013
3. Security Certificate of KGP (Police Headquarters) to access to information classified as:

TOP SECRET - for the period up to 13.05.2013

SECRET - for the period 2015 to 13.05

CONFIDENTIAL / PROPRIETARY - for the period up to 13.05.2018

dr Janusz Ropski

PhD in the field of military education. Educator, a social psychologist. Appraiser of the Minister of Education for textbooks in the field of education for safety. The specialist in psycho-pedagogical guidance.

A longtime full-time army employee, he held various key positions in the structures of commanding: Coordinator for psycho-prophylaxis in the Cracow Military District Headquarters and 2nd Mechanized Corps in Cracow (1994 -1999). Lecturer at the Institute for the Humanities National Defence Academy in Warsaw (1999 - 2003).

Since 2009, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Management, Proxy Rector for Education in safety at the High School of Applied Sciences in Ruda Śląska.

The technical and didactic expert for school textbooks.

Author of dozens of domestic and foreign publications concerning the importance of interpersonal competence in various areas of life. Organizer and co-organizer of several conferences on issues of social and economic security.

dr Mirosław Bryła

The author, initiator and coordinator of police and social prevention programs, including: "neighborhood assistance", "TAXI-EYE" and "my district".
- creator and organizer five editions of the international session crime prevention and Police PR,
in Kalisz, with the participation of police officers from the Netherlands, France, Germany,
Hungary, Slovakia and Ukraine;

These projects are described in following articles:
- Sitek, E.; "Good ideas" - published in the Police Newspaper, on 06.01.2002
- Kozerawska M.; "How is it done in Kalisz" - published in the "Gazeta Wyborcza" No 177 of 1995, p 12-13,
- Perlikiewicz J.; "polish special mass movement" - published in the "Wprost" No 27, on 07/02/1995, p 31-32.
- Podgórski A.K.; "How well have the neighbor", - published in the Crime Magazine 997", No 17-18 (2056-57), p 10-11.

Job positions in the Police:
- Director of Prevention and Traffic Department in the Police Headquarters.
- Police Advisor in the ceasefire zone, in Zugdidi, then as Liaison Officer, Police Advisor of Chef UN Mission UNOMIG in Tbilisi, Georgia.
- Deputy Head of the Police Training Centre, branch Office in Sieradz;
- Deputy Commander of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Prizren / Kosovo during UN peacekeeping mission, UNMIK
- Head of the Human Rights Office, IPTF in Bijeljina during the UN peacekeeping mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina;
- Spokesman and Regional Representative of the Police Commander in Kalisz, on Relations with the Society.

Activities outside the Police:
- President of the Association "Network of the Security", based in Kalisz; /webpage:
- Lecturer in the Merchants' Academy in Lódź, branch office in Sieradz;
- Teacher at the orphanage "Dom Dziecka", in Warsaw;
- journalist of the newspaper "Materiały problemowe", in Warsaw;

- Doctor of Law, PhD thesis "Police in an open society, not domineering actions of the Police", on the Faculty of Canon Law and Administration, in the Catholic University of Lublin, in Lublin.
- MA in Theology with Catechetics specialization, in the Catholic Theological Academy in Warsaw.

BRYŁA M. / Wójcikiewicz J.
- "The ideal district policeman and a reality";
- "Local security. The social context of crime prevention", edited by J. Czapska and J. Widacki, Institute of Public Affairs 2000, ss.121-128, in Warsaw.
-"district policeman for society";
- "my district policeman" (from experiences of the Police in Kalisz);
- "the prevention of crime in local communities", edited by J. Czapska and W. Krupiarz, Institute of Public Affairs 1999, p 170-181, in Warsaw.
-"Legalism and security" - a training program implemented by KWP in Łódź; -"Police",
published in the newspaper "Kwartalnik Kadry Kierowniczej Policji" No 4 on 2004, pp. 42-44.
-"crime into family", published in the Bulletin of Information (Board of Education in Kalisz), on 1995, No 9, p 52-65,

dr Dariusz Letkiewicz, adwokat

1980 - 1984, graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Silesia; MA thesis : "The essential elements of the carriage contract ", supervisor: Prof. Mieczysław Sośniak,
1984 - 1987, trainee judge in District Court in Katowice, an examination of the judge.
1987 - 1990, district court judge in Gliwice,
1990 - 1992, work in the company "Gontex" LLC,
1992 - 2006, Deputy Director of the Customs Chamber in Katowice; the Head of Customs Office in Bytom; member of “codification team”; lecturer of customs and tax laws; supervision of tax proceedings of Silesia.

- risk analysis,
- customs intelligence,
- issues tax law,
- operational techniques in the customs service,
- issues of customs crime, at the Hauptzoll in Vienna,

2006, receives his doctorate in social sciences. Dissertation topic: "the law of nature against ethics”;
supervisor: Prof. Józef Bańka.

Since 2006: private practice in the Law Office, in Tarnowskie Góry; 2009 – 2011 – lecturer of law at the Faculty of Security, in the High School of Applied Sciences, in Ruda Śląska.

Madyniak Adam

He is a graduate of College of the Trade Union Movement in Moscow and Gdansk Academy of Banking at the Institute for Market Economic.
Former Vice-Consul of the General Consulate in Odessa and former President of the Deposit and Credit Bank in Lutsk (Ukraine).
In the years 1991 - 1994 - Councilor of the City Council in Zamość, Board member of Zamość Town .
Since 1984 he has been Secretary of the Provincial Board of the Polish Economic Society in Zamość.

Sevchuk Danilo

Attorney; Lieutenant Colonel  in Ministry of Interior - at rest; were law enforcement officer and prosecutor. The former head of the National Bureau of INTERPOL in Lviv.

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